Lord Krishna and the butter connection

Living in India most of us grow up consuming milk and milk products as a staple part of our daily diet. If we do just a little food diary exercise, we’ll see how not a single meal may be complete without some dairy in it. Of course this assumption of milk being good for us has a logical history and background.

Going into scriptures, we hear of Lord Krishna’s love for butter. Now Krishna was a cow herder. He used to herd a whole lot of cows. Yet he had to steal butter to eat it! This obviously means there was not enough.

Back then, cows were treated and taken care of like family members. Milk secreted by the cows was given to their calves (for whom it is meant). Only, the little that might be left over was kept for children and aged people as a way to secure them, since food too could be scarce sometimes.

Today India is the largest producer of milk and milk products. Super market shelves are filled with gallons and gallons of milk. Processed Dairy products (casein, milk solids, milk powder) find their way into almost every packaged food and bakery products, and most people don’t even realise how much dairy they end up consuming unknowingly. The milk available to us today is far different from the milk in Lord Krishna’s days.

Cows in dairy farms are treated as milk producing machines, artificially inseminated to make them pregnant, their calves separated from them at birth, and regularly injected with hormones and antibiotics. Hence the milk we have today is a deadly cocktail of chemicals, stress hormones, antibiotics and pus cells, creating all sorts of hormonal and other imbalances in our body.

Cow’s milk is the ideal food for calves, not for humans (just the way we consider human milk to be perfect for our babies). It is addictive as well as acidic in our body, therefore far from bringing benefit, milk comes in the way of good health.

So ditch dairy and embrace good health!

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Eating Healthy Tips for the Weekend

If weekends are what you live for, then chances are that binges and overeating may be the centre of it, followed with feelings of guilt and overcompensation by dieting. If you’re wondering how to break from this vicious cycle, read on.

The key to good health and healthy eating habits lies in progress, not perfection. So throw that restrictive diet out of the window and focus your efforts on building healthy habits through a little bit of self discipline. Here are five things you can do (this weekend) –

  1. Get good rest over the weekend. Rest is food too! Take some ‘me time’ out. You will be surprised at how nourished and satiated you will feel with some extra sleep, a head massage, a spa or just doing nothing for a couple of hours. This will eliminate the need to satisfy yourself with wrong foods.
  2. Always eat something healthy before stepping out. It could be a bowl of fruits, a green smoothie, a sprout salad or a big vegetable soup. This will ensure you are not super hungry and do not end up stuffing yourself with unhealthy foods when out.

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  1. When eating out, always order a simple salad (no creamy, oily dressings please) along with meal. It is lighter on your system and provide live enzymes to help break down other foods too!
  2. Stick to one grain per meal only. Avoid multigrain breads or mixed grains in any other form.
  3. Leave the dessert for home. Even when one has gone out for a meal, one usually comes home and wants to eat something before sleeping. So why not use that to have a good dessert at home? Mumbai is now brimming with dessert suppliers that are sugar free and dairy free. Stock those up at home, and return to their sweet comforts:)

You can also try your hand at these very easy dessert recipes:

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Peanut Butter Ice-cream

Wishing you all a happy, healthful and guilt-free weekend ahead 🙂