All about Probiotics


6126690_origPro biotics simply means – pro meaning affirming, biotics means life.

Probiotics are foods that contain strains of healthy bacteria.

Probiotics have become a necessary for us in the modern day, to offset the damage caused to the healthy gut bacteria because of all the inorganic chemicals that we take in our foods, as well as medicines. They would not be required had we been having 100% organic foods.

We all know that we have lots and lots of bacteria in our bodies right? In fact the number of bacteria in our body are 3 times the number of cells. So we are more bacteria than human being!

The bacteria in our gut, which is also called the Gut Flora, has a lot of important functions – such as digesting and absorbing certain carbohydrates, producing vitamins, absorbing minerals, eliminating toxins and preventing various kinds of allergies. Another really important task they do is inhibit the growth of unhealthy bacteria.

Biologists even go to the extent of saying that the root of any illness lies in the gut, and if our gut is healthy, it is unlikely we will be unhealthy or sick.

Excess of unhealthy bacteria in the gut can be seen in various symptoms – such and bloating and gas, fatigue, sugar cravings, nausea, headaches or indigestion. Despite a healthy diet and and an active life, many people have difficulty shedding weight, if the number of bad bacteria is high

Organic foods have a much higher percentage of healthy bacteria that inorganic, because commercial pesticides, and various chemicals used in different stages of food production such as artificially ripening etc. kill the good bacteria.

What can we find probiotics in?

We can find them in fermented foods such as idli, dosa, miso, kimchi, cultured vegetables, pickled vegetables, probiotic curds, vegan curds, Kefir and nutritional yeast. if our gut is weak, then we should add these generously in our daily diet, along with some physical activity to help boost circulation. Probiotic capsules too are available off the shelf and can be taken in consultation with you doctor.

Building a healthy gut takes time, so we may need to supplement over a long period of a few months at least. Another thing that can help is to get enough fiber in your diet daily. As fiber is necessary to build good bacteria colonies.

Lastly cut back on processed sugar as it feeds the unhealthy bacteria, yeast and fungus in the gut.


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